Who, What, Where is the 2nd Episode of Season in Slenderman's Revenge.


  • Megan
  • Slenderman
  • The Group
  • Wingz


Megan who is wondering in the Forest for no reason carrying a Video Camera to show her friends. Megan finds a note on a tree it says "Look more", Megan does what the note says after finding the second note she encounters Slenderman making the camera Glitch she runs away from Slender. Megan still running was hard to hide as the Sun was still high in the sky, finding the third note, "1 more" Megan knows there only 1 note left so she searches the entire forest while still avoiding Slender She manages to find it and Flee back to town, she enters the house in fear, all her Friends, ask why she is scared.

Megan explains why but they don't believe her so she puts the camera on the TV, watching the film The Entire group gets all scared before Minty turns it off, Wingz knocks on the door and they allowed him in. "So how was your 1st day in Town?" He said "Well we encountered Slender." Said Minty, Wingz spiting out what ever he was drinking "Masstt.." he said before stopping, Then he said he has to go he walks out the door as quick as he can. The Group seeing him acting more weird they ask Josh to investigate him and he begins writing down stuff.


  • Wingz also acts more weird in his Episode, people are also saying that he was about to say "Master Slender" but stopped.