Slender Man's Revenge is a series based of the place Of the same name.


After moving to a small Town somewhere in a forest, Minty, Backup, Jack, Josh, Emily, Hunter, Megan and Darla, settle in they find Wingz a helpful man who settles them in, but very little do they know 3 things are after them can they avoid them and live peacefully?


  • Minty: The Main Protagonist of the series she leads the group of her friends.
  • Backup: Minty's escort and best friend he helps her in any problems.
  • Jack: A very friendly guy who barely talks.
  • Josh: A Smart guy who always find out if rumors are true or not around town. (Dead as of Shocking Discovery)
  • Emily: Minty's Friend since Kindergarten, who is always around her.
  • Hunter: A guy who tries to be his best.
  • Megan: A Helpful kind friend she loves exploring.
  • Darla: The most careless of the group easily forgets what shes doing.
  • Wingz: The Third Antagonist of the Series. In "Shocking Discovery" He was found to be a Proxy however none of them know it.
  • Slenderman: The Main Antagonist of the series seen to be stalking the group.
  • Kate (The Chaser): The secondary Antagonist of the Series a Proxy who does everything Slender says.


Season 1Edit

  • New to Town : A Large group Moves to a small town to be Greeted by Wingz.
  • Who, What, Where: Megan finds a note in the Forest then finds something else.
  • Being Chased : After Megan sees Slender Josh finds his Proxy, Then Wingz acts even more weird.
  • Shocking Discovery : Josh finds out something about Wingz but Slenderman and Kate are right behind him can he get back before they Kill him?


The Character Wingz is based of the Wiki's Founder's ROBLOX account, however the accounts name is "WingzWorldIIV".