Shocking Discovery is the 4th Episode of Season 1 in Slenderman's Revenge.



Josh who was talking to his Friends about Wingz, Josh saying hes a Proxy but his friends refusing to say yes. Josh wants to make them think its true so he takes a Video Camera and walks over to Wingz' House his house was almost as big as theirs, as he knock Wingz opened and let him in. "Now feel free to look around but 2 rooms are off limits upstairs. IF you go in them you might wanna leave and don't come back." Josh wondering was 2 rooms are off limits not following rules he goes upstairs and the first room off limits.

In the first room Josh is so shocked that he almost falls over, in the room there blood everywhere on the table everywhere he leaves as soon as he could. Josh really thinking something that he should go in the other room. Josh wondering down the hall behind him Slenderman watches his every move with his Proxy Kate, Josh recording everything walks into the second room, its a complete mess, inside a dower he finds photos of his self when, it shows him with Pictures of Kate saying there where Siblings, Josh shocked that The Chaser and Wingz are Siblings.

Still going through the dower he finds photos with Kate as The Chaser and Wingz with Slender, this confirms that Wingz is also as Proxy. Behind him a shadow appears, "What are you doing in here?!" Behind him was Wingz not looking happy, "This place is off limits no exceptions!" Wingz said loudly. "Well looks like you found my ultimate secret huh?", "I Should of known you where a Proxy the whole time!" Josh said to him, "Yes and what are you going to do about it." Josh running pushing Wingz over runs into the long hall, Wingz back up with Kate standing out the door, "Well what are standing there for get him!" Wingz said to Kate, as they both started running at him. Josh running with Wingz and Kate gaining on Him thinking hes gonna escape, in a Instant Slenderman teleported in front of him makng the the Camera Glitch turns back as he starts running the other way only to stop as Kate and Wingz leap at Him.


  • This Episode confirms that Wingz is the Unknown Proxy.