New to Town is the first Episode of Season 1 of Slenderman's Revenge. In this Episode a large group moves to a small town in the Forest.



On a sunny day on a small dirt road a moving truck drives down it. It heads for a Forest as soon as it gets close to the fence the gates open once it drives though they close. They find a small town with a few houses a Hotel, Store and Starbucks. The truck pulls up to a large 2 story house with someone outside it. The Group, Minty, Backup, Jack, Josh, Emily, Hunter, Megan and Darla come out and walk towards the house and person. "Hello there welcome to the town of Zoidburg." He said to them, he then tells them that he will help then settle and unpack and let them know how to make the best of their lives there. As soon as all the boxes are unloaded from the moving truck it leaves.

Wingz tells them about the town and all the citizens that live there, "A lot of people have Dogs and Cats to, So i recommend getting one" he said to them "We will soon" Said Minty right back, Wingz tells them about Slenderman and his sightings around town. "Wo wo wo wait" Said Backup he then asked him if theirs any proof that there is Slender, Wingz explained that the photos get really messed up when they take pictures of him, but there is his proxy, he then shows them a Picture of Kate "Wow that's things a girl looks like a monster" Said Minty, "Yeah i know shes Slenderman's Proxy she does everything he says" Wingz said, Wingz helps them unpack Beds couches TVs and others before he has to go randomly. "Ummm i got to go" Wingz said to the group, "What already wheres not even close to being done unpacking. Said Minty to him, "Ummmm yes but i got important business yeah business to do bye" He walks out the door quickly.

"Well that was random" Said Megan they continued to unpack. Later they went outside to meet everyone they meet a lot of really nice people who let them know about everything there some even moved there to see Slender, in the background a Shadowed Figure is seen watching the group watching their every move. Later back at their home they finish unpacking just before night fall, Megan who loves exploring at night wants to but wants to sleep instead. While watching the TV it turns to static at a random times then back. Josh wondering if he can find it out begins writing down things.

A Knock on the door surprised the group Minty opens it and Wingz is there, "My TV is down and looks like your is to Il just be going then." He said nervously and left.


  • Wingz acts very weird in this Episode spreading rumors that he may be the Shadowed Proxy.